Ipsy review – October 2016

Hi ladies!! I haven’t posted in a while. My two girls keep me b u s y. Since my last post, I actually decided to cancel my Birchbox (šŸ˜•) because I had gotten off the waitlist for the Sephora Play! **If you’re not familiar with it, Sephora puts out a monthly box also for just $10 a month! I do know that there is a waitlist but it didn’t take too long for me.** I’ll be posting my review for that sometime soon (hopefully next week?!) since I just got it today! Let’s get into this months Ipsy šŸ¤—

For the month of October the theme is BLACK MAGIC

āœØIt’s A 10 miracle leave in product *2 fl oz* full size: $18-36

I have always wanted to try this! I had heard so many great things about it but if I’m being honest… I couldn’t justify paying that much money for it. I think it’s worth it if you’re going to splurge. It makes a difference almost immediately. After I sprayed this on my hair (the smell is pleasant also) it was softer and easier to brush through. I have thick hair so I’m always looking for a product like this that actually works and this does the job. Just a few of the perks would be: thermal protector, prevents split ends, detangles, controls frizz, etc. worth the money!! 

āœØTrestique mini matte lip crayon in Belize Bordeaux *.02 oz* full size: $28

This is a brand I get quite frequently in my bag. I love the mini matte lip crayon idea. This is the perfect size for your purse but I’m not crazy about the color. This shade gravitates towards the berry side. It goes on smoothly and isn’t uncomfortable to wear. It’s a pretty shade for the Fall if you’re into the darker lips. Swatch of it below! 

**No edit applied. I wanted you to be able to see the true color of the lip crayon. 

āœØEssence waterproof eye liner pen *1.0 ml* full size: $2.99

I’m not a big eyeliner wearer. I love it but it’s probably the biggest makeup struggle for me. Why is it so hard to get them even?! This to me is just your typical eye liner. When I used it, It seemed streaky. The key is to use a lot of pressure with this eyeliner when applying it. 

**The top line is a light stroke and the bottom (swirl? Not sure what I was going for there) is when I pressed down on it. It appears much darker on my hand. 

āœØthe Balm cosmetics Shadow/blush in HOT MAMA! *0.02 oz* full size: $21

Another product I always wanted to try. I LOVE this blush/shadow. I’ve only used it as a blush so far. It’s a pinky-Peach which goes perfectly with all skin tones. I’m fair so some blushes can look too much if applied but this is a subtle but noticeable shade. Highly recommend! *Swatch below with no edit

āœØVintage by Jessica Liebeskind eye shadow palette in vanilla/espresso *0.06 oz* full size: $30

I haven’t used this on my eyes yet but judging by how much fall out this product gives… I’m not so sure. The colors look super pigmented in the packaging but I swatched each a few times on my arm with little color payoff. This one might be a miss. šŸ˜•

Overall, I really liked the bag this month. Who doesn’t love Halloween?! My favorite product in this months bag would have to be the It’s A 10 leave in. My least favorite product this month is the eye shadow duo/palette. 



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